Why does the Foundation exist?

Casey was a great advocate for the sport of cycling. Not only did he live and breath cycling, he was a friendly racer and was always thinking about how he could help those around him. He supported the cycling community throughout his life by working as a bike mechanic at Big Shark Bicycle Co., showing up at nearly every cycling event in the region and encouraging those he met to ride any kind of bike they had. He believed that cycling was one of the best opportunities for life-long health and that every person – regardless of background, size, age, gender, race – should be able to experience the joy and freedom that come from riding a bike.

The Casey Saunders Foundation exists in order to provide the opportunity for underserved young people in the St. Louis region to experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike by giving them the equipment and necessary scholarship to fulfill their cycling goals. Our hope is that by offering this opportunity to help young people, we can honor Casey’s legacy and we can tell more stories of youth that grow up wanting to help others.

You can help by making a donation, which goes to provide scholarships to send youth to camp.

What does the Foundation do?

The Casey Saunders Foundation provides equipment and scholarships to underserved youth in the St. Louis region to give them the opportunity to experience the joy and life-long benefits of cycling. Funds provided through donations support this cause directly. Make a donation today!

We seek to partner with St. Louis-based organizations who can help us identify youth who demonstrate a commitment to helping others and who show an interest in cycling. If you are one of these community organizations, or if you know of one that we should work with, please email us at belikecasey@gmail.com.

What does Be Like Casey mean?

Be Like Casey was a phrase that organically originated from the cycling community following Casey’s death. Because Casey exemplified many positive traits in his daily life – he was kind, helpful, humble, hardworking, and fun-loving – the community identified the phrase as a way to help remind us all how to live our best life. Be Like Casey can mean different things to different people. For most of us, it acts as a comforting reminder that Casey’s legacy lives on in each of us who choose to do the right thing, to help others and to find small ways every day to leave the world better than we found it. We hope you too will use #BeLikeCasey to show your support for the Casey Saunders Foundation in your everyday life.

Have a story or something you want to share? Tell us what Be Like Casey means to you. Email us at belikecasey@gmail.com. Hearing from you will make our day!

How can I help?

First of all, thank you for thinking of the Casey Saunders Foundation! Right now we are looking for help in a few different ways. If you are interested in helping out in any of these ways please email us at belikecasey@gmail.com.

  1. Donate! Donations go directly to create scholarships for underserved youth in the St. Louis bi-sate region to help fulfill their cycling goals. We also purchase necessary safety and cycling equipment for those youth with the donations. Make a donation today!
  2. Connections to community organizations (that serve underserved youth in our region or that provide another service to our St. Louis community) to help us connect to and identify youth for scholarships. If you or someone you know can help create a connection with us, please let us know!
  3. Volunteers – when we have events, we need volunteers to do a variety of tasks. If you’d like to be emailed when these opportunities arise please let us know! Email us at belikecasey@gmail.com to get on our mailing list.
  4. Be Like Casey stories – please let us know what Be Like Casey means to you. Is this something you share with others in your life? Have you done something lately that made you think of Be Like Casey? What emotions or personal stories overall does Be Like Casey bring up for you? Please share your story with us, however big or small you believe it to be. It matters! belikecasey@gmail.com