About Casey Saunders

Casey grew up in a suburb of St. Louis. He was fortunate to be able to try many different sports growing up; soccer, football, basketball. They were all okay, but nothing really excited him. His love for bikes began at the age of 12, when he was able to ride the roads of Door County, Wisconsin for the first time. He realized how fun and freeing it felt to be on two wheels and he took that fun-loving attitude for cycling with him the rest of his life.

As an Eagle Scout who loved helping people, he quietly encouraged those around him to ride any bike they could get their hands on. He offered to fix them up for countless friends and family so that more people could experience the joy of riding a bike.

In high school, he began mountain biking and, within a few years, he won the State Championship. When Casey went to college and found that there was no collegiate team at Southeast Missouri State University, he started one.

When he returned to St. Louis, he was mentored and guided by some great people at REI who taught him how to build a bike from the ground up. He took that knowledge and guidance with him to various bike shops around town (Southside Cyclery, The Hub Bicycle Co., etc.) where he worked as a mechanic and salesman until he finally landed at Big Shark Bicycle Co.

Throughout his cycling career he continued to fix up bikes for friends and family, to ride every type of bike he could get his hands on and try out every kind of cycling discipline there was. He was a great advocate for the sport and supported the cycling community in whatever ways he could. Casey believed that cycling was one of the best opportunities for life-long health and that every person – regardless of background, size, age, gender, race – should be able to experience the joy and freedom that come from riding a bike. This was why he continued to quietly encourage everyone in his life to get on a bike; he wanted others to experience what he had experienced.

And this is why the foundation exists: to provide the opportunity for underserved young people in the St. Louis region to experience the joy and freedom of riding a bike by giving them the equipment and scholarship to attend a cycling camp. Our hope is that by offering this opportunity to others, we can honor Casey’s legacy and we can tell more stories of youth that grow up wanting to help others.