The Casey Saunders Foundation supports youth interested in cycling who show a commitment to those characteristics that Casey was known for: humility, hard work and helpfulness, all with a sense of humor. BeLikeCasey… find small ways, every day, to leave the world a better place. Be kind, be present, be passionate and be helpful. BeLikeCasey by becoming Helpers and join us to support more youth to discover and do what they love.

The Foundation is committed to continuing Casey’s legacy by paying it forward, lifting up all youth, especially those who need it most, and helping them learn about who they are, what they love and how to become Helpers in our world. Thank You for joining us to make a difference in our community!

About Casey Saunders

Casey was known by many as a compassionate, generous and humble friend, but he raced with fire and tenacity rarely seen. He was a great advocate for the sport of cycling and not only did he live, love and breathe it himself, but he also encouraged others to experience the joy and benefits of cycling. As a longtime member of the Dogfish Racing team and through his work as a mechanic at Big Shark Bicycle Company, Casey had a passion for all types of cycling and showed up at many events to race himself and to encourage others to ride and participate as well. He believed that cycling was one of the best paths to life-long health and well-being and that every person – regardless of background, age, gender, or race, should be able to experience the joy and freedom that comes from riding a bike. Sadly, Casey passed away in 2017. The Casey Saunders Foundation was founded in January 2018 by the Saunders Family in his memory to honor his legacy.

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Ride with us or volunteer to help!

The Oreo Roubaix Gravel Ride

October 21st, 2019|

The first 50 registrants get an official Oreo Roubaix hoodie! Register at www.bikereg.com/oreo-roubaix November 9th, 2019 The Event: The Oreo Roubaix Gravel Ride is a supported road and gravel [...]

The Oreo Roubaix Gravel Ride

September 24th, 2018|

Register Here The Mission: With your help, the Casey Saunders Foundation (The Foundation) provides financial help to youth interested in cycling, camping and other outdoor activities. For example, [...]

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Thank you again to everyone who has participated in our Casey Saunders Foundation events and rides.

The 2022 Oreo Roubaix Gravel Ride on November 12, 2022! Look for more ride and registration details on the Big Shark website at www.bigshark.com

The Oreo Roubaix

Benefitting the Be Like Casey Foundation
Saturday, November 12th @ Faust Park
45, 35, and 15 miles of Gravel and Pavement

Supporting the Cycling Community

The Casey Saunders Foundation provided opportunities for young cyclists in the St. Louis region by giving Scholarships in 2019. Three area youth from the St. Louis Bi-state region were named recipients of the scholarships: Caleb Secrease, from St. John; Marcus Stewart, from St. Louis; and Jack Bledsoe, from Webster Groves. We recognize these great young people for their passion and interest in cycling and our hope is to see them have fun and enjoy the benefits of cycling and to be able to share this with their friends, families, and communities.

One of the recipients, Marcus Stewart has taken his personal interest in cycling forward and engaged his community in multiple ways.

Getting more kids on bikes…. a goal of the Casey Saunders Foundation

On June 19, 2021 with Marcus Stewart and the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Mountain bike team he started two years ago, kids ages 12-17 attended a bike clinic at Sylvan Springs Park sponsored by the Casey Saunders Foundation. Cycling pros Britta Siegel, Carrie Cash and Liz Heller came out to teach the kids mountain bike handling skills and introduced them to track and cycle-cross riding techniques. It was great to see so much enthusiasm and energy and as a result I’m sure we will have some new recruits at upcoming bike events!

Thank you to all the participants, Gina Stewart, the coaches and a huge thanks to Britta, Carrie and Liz for sharing their time and expertise. You are all awesome!


The following sponsors have provided support to the Casey Saunders Foundation. The mission of the Casey Saunders Foundation could not continue without the help of these very special #BeLikeCasey local businesses. Please visit them whenever you can, and bring your friends. These are good people that care about and support our community!